Blazing Star

Game Description:

Blazing Star
Blazing Star is a popular horizontal shooter game that is considered as the spiritual successor to the classic Pulstar. The game features pseudo-3D sprites and anime characters and CGI cutscenes making it very popular in the past. Participate in the never-ending war between two human factions Remuria and Mutras and try to bring victory on your side! Blazing Star is a very challenging sidescroller game where one shot from an enemy will send your ship exploding. Nowadays, this genre is called Bullet Hell. Start the aerial combat and step into the fray in this side-scrolling space shooter game. Participate in the interplanetary war in Blazing Star! Choose your character and launch your ship! Charge your weapons and defeat hundreds of enemies coming your way.

How to play:

Press “Space” key to skip the intro screen. Press “Enter” key on the title screen. Press “A” key to start the game.

Arrow Keys – Move
Enter – Start
Space – Select
“S” Key – A button
“A” Key – B button
“W” Key – C button
“Q” Key – D button

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